Kushal Yuva Programme (KYP) is a part of one of the “7 commitments” namely “Aarthik Hal, Yuvaon ko Bal”. This programme is targeted at the youth of 15-25 age group who have passed class 10th or class 12th ,  have dropped out of formal education and are looking for jobs.Through this programme, BSDM intends to enhance the employability of these youth of Bihar.

Strategy of KYP:

The strategy is to address the following four major challenges in the skill development ecosystem:

  • Capacity: Increase in training capacity
    • Minimum one Skill development centre (SDC) in each of the 534 blocks for imparting training in soft skills.
    • A strong pool of certified trainers will be developed through a mandatory Training of Trainers programme.
  • Access: Increase in access
    • SDC at each Block would mean getting training centre to the doorstep of the youth.
    • State wide social mobilisation campaign would help increase the awareness which in-turn will result in higher access / participation
    • District Registration cum Counselling Centres at the district level will provide the requisite guidance to the youth to access the benefits of such a programme
  • Relevance: High relevance
    • Package of Life skills, Communications Skills (English & Hindi) and Basic computer literacy will increase the employability of youth
    • It will help in smooth shift from homes to places with high employment potential
    • Increase retention at workplace
  • Perception: The following would improve the perception
    • Qualified, experienced and certified trainers
    • Use of high quality content and E-Learning mode

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