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BS-CFA Final Examination Date: 11th & 12th Aug 2022
Cutoff Date: 10th Aug  2022 till 06:00 PM
Display of Eligible Candidate List in SDC Login: 10th Aug 2022 after 06:00 PM 
Eligible Batches:  
Fresh Batch: May 2022
Re-Exam 1 (Batch): April- 2022 (Failed, Non-Eligible Learner and Absent Learner only).
Re-Exam 2 (Batch): March-2022(Failed, Non Eligible Learner and Absent learner only 
Last Date to Upload Exam Data from OES Login & Certification of Exam from EMD Login: 13 Aug 2022

Slot wise Time Scheduled for BS-CFA Final Exam:

Slot Time Schedule for KYP Final Exam Exam Duration
Slot 1 From 08.00 AM to 09.00 AM 60 Minutes
Slot 2 From 09.30 AM to 10.30 PM 60 Minutes
Slot 3 From 11.00 PM to 12.00 PM 60 Minutes
Slot 4 From 12.30 PM to 01.30 PM 60 Minutes

 Exam duration & compulsion time for learners:

Course  Name Exam Duration Compulsion time (Learner cannot end the exam before this time)
BS-CFA Final Exam 60 Mins. 30 Mins.

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