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World Skills Competition is the largest skill competition in the world, held once every two years in one of the WSI member countries. These competitions provide both a benchmark for high performance and an objective way to assess vocational excellence. Objective is to promote world class standards in over 50 skills under six skill strands (sectors) as under:

  1. Construction and Building Technology
  2. Transportation and Logistics
  3. Manufacturing and Engineering Technology
  4. Information and Communication Technology
  5. Creative Arts and Fashion
  6. Social and Personal Services.

In 2022 the World Skills Competition will be held at Shanghai, China. Considering the World Skills Competition, India Skills Competition, a pan India championship of skills, is held in every alternate year. In 2021 India Skills Competition will be held to cream off candidates from different trades, who will be representing the country at the Olympics of Skills in 2022.

II. India Skills Competition- Bihar 2020-21

Keeping in mind the India Skills Competition 2020-21 and eventual participation of candidates from Bihar in World Skills Competitions 2022 at Shanghai, China, the state level skills competition will be organized in the state of Bihar (timeline will be notified in due course of time). The champions sprouting out of the State Skill Competition will harness their skills under the aegis of both state level experts and national level experts to participate in Regional Skills Competition followed by India Skills Competitions and eventually will represent the country at Shanghai in 2021.

This notification intends to generate awareness regarding the registration mode / modalities and eligibility criteria with regard to the India Skills Competition- Bihar 2020-21.
Further in this regard the interested and eligible (please refer to the eligibility conditions for participation) candidates can apply for further screening through the following link “ 2nd March 2021 up to 17th March 2021. The link has also been provided on BSDM website i.e.
Please note that the interested and eligible candidates need to furnish all the requisite details requested in the registration form (as applicable) and also need to upload all relevant documents. During further screening processes, the candidates will have to furnish the originals/true-copies of their uploaded documents in hard copy to the relevant authorities if required.

The competition may be held at three levels in the state - district, divisional and state level depending on the number of nominations / registrations. Top 2 candidates from each trade will be selected at state level who will represent Bihar state at Regional level. The main activities to be undertaken are as under:

Mobilization / Selection:

  • The state will organize district, divisional and state level Skill Championship.
  • For mobilization of the candidate an extensive mobilization campaign through print and electronic media will be carried out in the month of March 2021. Further, there will be special mobilization camps at the partnering institution and institutes of repute of Bihar.
  • Interested candidates can register online on BSDM portal.
  • Some institutes of repute ( NIFT, IHM,  TRTC,  CIPET    )  may be allotted to  undertake an institute level competition and recommend the selected candidates for the final state level competition.

Logistic and Academia / Training support:

  • In order to ensure widespread popularity and audience participation eventually resulting in an increased spectrum of participation in the coming years, the state skill competition across most of the trades will be held at central location in a single venue.
  • The Premier Technical Institutions and Art Colleges partnering with state will be in charge for providing with the infrastructure for training purpose and to offer experts to train the candidates in the trades chosen by the state.

Post State Level Championship support:

The winners at the state skill champions (who would be eligible and shortlisted for Regional level Competition) would be groomed and provided intense training to fine tune the skills under the guidance of mentor. The mentoring aspect along with training would be joint responsibility of BSDM and NSDC.

BSDM envisions that this initiative will create awareness amongst the youth of Bihar and embolden them to harness their skills either acquired through heritance or imbibed at different institutions and compete with the global competition. 

General Terms and Conditions: 

  • The competitions at different levels will be held across 29 skills / trades.
  • One competitor can apply in one or more than one trades / skills at the time of registration and may be considered for more than one trade / skill during the initial screening process (district level). However, if such a candidate is selected in more than one trade / skill as a finalist (for Divisional / state level competition) then, he /she will be allowed to participate as a finalist in only any one of the skill / trade (as chosen by the candidate) for the Divisional / State level competition.
  • In case a candidate wants to register for more than 1 competition trade / skill then they need to do multiple registrations i.e. 1 registration for each of the competition trades skills that you want to compete in.
  • Aadhaar card is mandatory for all the competitors.
  • Bihar Skill Development Mission has identified Institutions/Departments who will be acting as a mentor for conducting the various competitions for this mega event. These mentoring / partnering institutions will be carrying out the different levels screening / selections. 

 Eligibility Criteria: 

  • The candidate must be an Indian national and a resident of Bihar / studying in Bihar / working in Bihar / currently residing in Bihar.
  • For trades of Aircraft Maintenance, Mechatronics, Information Network Cabling, Manufacturing Team Challenge, Water Technology, Cloud Computing and Cyber Security, candidates / applicants born on or after 1st January 1996 will be eligible.
  • For all other skills / trades, candidates / applicants born on or after 1st January 1999 will be eligible.


In order to complete the registration process please follow the below instructions:

  1. Field 1: Name (Mandatory Field): - Please write your complete name as per your 10th Passing Certificate
  2. Field 2: Father’s Name (Mandatory Field): - Please write your Father’s complete name as per your Academic certificate
  3. Field 3: Date of Birth (Mandatory Field): - Please provide your Date of Birth as per your 10th Passing Certificate (if 10th passed) or as per your Aadhaar Card in case the applicant has not passed 10th
  4. Field 4: Gender (Mandatory Field): - Please provide your Gender
  5. Field 5: Aadhaar Number (Mandatory Field): - Please provide your Aadhaar number as per your Aadhaar Card
  6. Field 6: Email Id (Mandatory Field): - Please provide your active Email-Id that you regularly use
  7. Field 7: Mobile Number (Mandatory Field): - Please provide your active Mobile number that you regularly use
  8. Field 8: Residential Address (Mandatory Field): - Please provide your detailed residential address with the house reference/no as well as per your Aadhaar Card or any other Relevant Address proof
  9. Field 9: Residential District (Mandatory Field): - Please choose your correct residential District as per your Aadhaar Card or any other Relevant Address proof
  10. Field 10: Residential Block (Mandatory Field): - Please choose your correct residential Block as per your Aadhaar Card or any other Relevant Address proof
  11. Field 11: Skill / Trade for participation (Mandatory Field): - Please choose your Skill / Trade for participation that you intend to compete in from the dropdown.
  12. Field 12: Last/Highest Educational Qualification (Mandatory Field): - Please write your last/highest educational qualification. Candidates who have not undertaken formal education can mention “Not undertaken formal education” in this field. Also an applicant who is currently pursuing an educational qualification may choose to mention it as the last / Highest Educational Qualification and choose the next field “Status of Last/Highest Educational Qualification“ as “Pursuing” instead of “Completed” or “Not Applicable”.
  13. Field 13: Status of Last/Highest Educational Qualification (Mandatory Field): Choose appropriately as per the status of the educational qualification declared under Field 12 as “Completed” or “Pursuing” or “Not Applicable” (for cases where no formal education undertaken).
  14. Field 14: Aadhaar Card (Mandatory Field): - Please upload a copy of your Aadhaar Card. The document needs to be a pdf of not more than 1 mb.
  15. Field 15: DOB Proof (Mandatory Field): - Please upload a copy of your 10th examination marksheet or certificate that clearly states your date of birth. The document needs to be a pdf of not more than 1 mb.
  16. Field 16: Residential Address Proof (Applicable only if residential address is different from the address mentioned in Aadhaar) (Non-Mandatory Field): - Please upload a copy of your Residential Address Proof only if residential address is different from the address mentioned in Aadhaar. The document needs to be a pdf of not more than 1 mb.
  17. Field 17: Last/Highest Educational Qualification Proof (Mandatory Field): - Please upload a copy of your degree / diploma / certificate or any other relevant proof (including interim marksheets or institutional ID card for cases of candidates currently pursuing the declared educational qualification) that clearly states your Last/Highest Educational Qualification. In cases where the applicant has not completed 10th standard & is not in the possession of any marksheet / report card or has not undertaken formal education, the applicant may choose to upload a duly signed self-declaration with details of the school attended and the class completed if undertaken formal education till a sub-10th Standard level or a duly signed self-declaration stating that the applicant has not undertaken formal education. The document needs to be a pdf of not more than 1 mb.
In case there are issues with your registration and you are not able to fill any fields on account of the form’s restrictions, please furnish all the details in an excel (with all registration fields as per the form) along with all the requisite documents as mail attachment and send the same to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject line as “Registration details for India Skills Competition Bihar 2021 registration” as per the stipulated deadlines stated earlier in this notification.

We would request all eligible candidates to participate in this celebration of skills and also avail this excellent opportunity to showcase their skills / talent to one and all.


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