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  • An additional room of 80 sq. ft. or more that is in addition to the classroom and lab currently being used for the existing KYP SDC.
  • 5 additional client systems conforming to the KYP client system specifications to undertake the Bihar State-Certificate In Financial Accounting (BS-CFA) training.
  • The additional room should have a minimum of 8 feet ceiling (floor to ceiling / false ceiling as applicable)
  • The room should have a concrete roof or else a proper false ceiling in case of an asbestos or any other alternative roofing solution.
  • The center may choose to use the existing KYP SDC’s printer, scanner, power back-up toilets, parking space, reception area, center coordinator. Other Non-LF personnel.
  • The center has to ensure a 256 kbps internet connection for this new setup.
  • The center needs to deploy an additional LF for undertaking Bihar State-Certificate In Financial Accounting (BS-CFA) training who mandatorily should be a commerce graduate.

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