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  •  Process of On-boarding of Industry Partners under RTD

    The Industry Partners are on boarded through the  Request for Proposal mode for specific RTD projects. The various RFPs in this regard can be seen under the TENDERS section on the BSDM website i.e.

  •  Recruitment

    RTD Projects will have the provision of recruiting the candidates (based on Industry’s own criteria and  as per the requirement of the agency) and providing the offer letters upfront followed by Industry relevant training  before actually deploying the candidates at their work location. The offer letters to be issued up front will be  conditional offer letters and will be formalized subject to passing of the final assessment and completion of other  formalities by the candidates. The responsibility of mobilizing and recruiting the candidates would primarily be with  the Industry partner.

  •  Proposing relevant course

    The Training will have to be imparted in courses either prescribed by Qualification  Packs (QPs) of Sector Skill Councils (SSCs) or any other course/s (customized course/s that will suit the specific needs  of employing organizations) that may be proposed by the Industry partner and approved by BSDM.

  •  Setting up of SDCs

    The Industry partner will identify / create training infrastructure in Bihar or in other parts of  India (If approved by BSDM) and register the training centre on BSDM’s portal.

  •  Training

    The Industry Partner will implement the training program in compliance to the various guidelines and  norms laid out by BSDM.

  •  Assessment:

    The assessments will be done by the Industry partner or BSDM or jointly by BSDM and the industry  partner as agreed upon.

  •  Certification

    For Industry initiated or R-T-D model based training programmes there will be a provision of self- certification(By the Industry partner) or joint certification (Industry partner & BSDM)

  •  Placement

     For the specific purpose of RTD model, Employment will mean wage employment only. Service conditions need to be  intimated to the beneficiaries in advance, i.e. at the time of recruitment. The conditions need to mandatorily include  the following points:

    • Salary package
    • Working hours
    • Job locations
    • Job role
    • Other amenities

    In case of Recruit – Train - Deploy (R-T-D) model projects the placement % will be as agreed between the Industry partner and BSDM (Or the relevant Department) but will be at least 80%.

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