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  • Post selection, the successful applicant has to register their each RPL Center as a Skill Development Center (SDC) on the web portal of BSDM ( by following due online registration processes and terms and conditions as specified by BSDM. The BSDM portal will also cover the entire value chain of RPL process implementation from registration of candidates, batch uploading (will be done by PIA), monitoring, evaluation of training to tracking along with PIAs registration, payment management etc.
  • For Type 1 and 2- PIA to regularly upload manual attendance of candidates on BSDM portal and to submit the time stamped video recording (15 Min recording of every day 5 min each at training start time, in between and training end time clearly facing all the candidates along with trainer each day.
  • For Type 3- Aadhaar based biometric and IP base CCTV to be installed by PIA at the Centre.
  • The first process of due diligence after the initial registration process will be done as Desk Appraisal by BSDM. It can be done by both online and offline method.
  • The physical verification of the proposed center may be carried out by BSDM and/or funding department officials.

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