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Implementing Partner:

Private Organizations:

BSDM will select private organizations as PIAs for implementing RPL with Bridge Course through RFP. PIAs can associate Training Partners/ Mobilizers for implementation support, if required by them. But for all purposes PIAs will only be responsible to the BSDM and/or concerned funding department and vice-versa for program implementation.

Government Training Providers

Interested Government Training Partners may also become the PIA in case of Funding department/s recommend such partners to BSDM.

Courses Available:


Eligible Beneficiaries:

RPL is applicable to any candidate of Bihar domicile who:

  • On the date of enrolment, fits the minimum age criteria as per the Qualification Pack (QP) requirements. However, this will not be a mandatory condition but a preferable condition.
  • Possesses an Aadhar Card and an Aadhar seeded/linked bank account.
  • Fits the pre-screening criteria defined by PIA in coordination with SSCs for the respective job role
  • Fits the funding department beneficiary eligibility criteria

Target Beneficiary Age Group: Working age population – 15 – 59 Years.

Beneficiary Selection Criteria:

  • Cluster of 100 / 200 / 300 persons to be identified by PIAs.
  • Mobilization process is to be carried out by respective PIAs.
  • Pre-screening process will be conducted to identify the skill deficiency of the potential candidates and will be the sole responsibility of respective PIAs.
  • A detailed questionnaire should be used by PIAs for pre-screening of candidates. Weightage should be given on core aspects of Job Role along with some non-core aspects as well.
  • Aadhar Deduplication of candidates: It should be as per BSDM Norms-Aadhar de duplication will be used.
  • Bridge course will be conducted to mitigate the skill deficiency. Maximum permissible duration of Bridge Training will be 80 hours. It also includes 12 hours of orientation duration.
  • Assessment and Certification is to be done after bridge course.
  • Under Building and Other Construction Welfare Board, Labour Resources Department, Government of Bihar (BOCW Board) funded RPL program, PIAs will have to take the onus of BOCW registration of non-registered candidates under BOCW Board. BOCW fund can be spent for registered candidates only.

Wage Loss Compensation

  • It is felt that there is a need to incentivize the candidates who will pursue RPL as there will be a wage loss associated to it.
  • BSDM/ implementing departments will directly transfer the wage loss compensation to the bank accounts of successful/certified candidates only.
  • The PIAs will have to submit wage loss declaration on behalf of candidates.
  • Wage loss will be applicable as per rates prescribed in BSDM Process and Cost Norms as amended time to time.

Note- As per BSDM Process and Cost Norms Current Wage Loss Rate is INR 35 Rs. Per Hour Per candidate. The Wage Loss  to be paid to candidate for the complete training duration (Maximum up to 80 Hours).

Branding and Publicity

  • PIA will be responsible for the branding, marketing and publicity of RPL under BSDM/ Funding Department through print and digital media, though BSDM/Funding Department may also undertake such activities.
  • PIA will be responsible for the arrangement of necessary collaterals for branding and communication in accordance to the BSDM Branding Guidelines.

Training Infrastructure

The PIA shall arrange the necessary training infrastructure and required laboratory/equipment at the RPL location, as per the requirements of the job role or as per guidelines of BSDM if any. PIAs shall ensure that the overall training infrastructure especially the training aids for the proposed job role are as per the industry benchmark.

Training Duration

1. Orientation Activities 

PIAs are to ensure that each enrolled candidate mandatorily undergoes a 12 hour orientation which includes but not limited to the following topics:

  1. Domain Training (clarifying any doubts/gaps a candidate may have with respect to Job Role including the topic of Health and Safety) - 6 Hours
  2. Soft Skills and Entrepreneurship Tips specific to the Job Role- 4 Hours
  3. Familiarization with Assessment Process and Terms- 2 Hour

2. Bridge Course

Up to 68 hours duration and based on core NOSs of the job role. Suggested Bridge Course Model Curriculums are available under Courses section. However, the bridge course is not limited to the model curriculum topics like Safety norms, new technology along with use of modern technological tools, Industries best practices, entrepreneurship, topics on team work, workplace skills etc. should also be included during Training.

Training Calendar

Training calendar will be developed by PIA, as per assessment of learning capacity of participants.

Batch Size:

Minimum Batch Size- 20 and Maximum Batch size- 50.

Provision of Tool Kit or any other teaching aid

PIAs shall provide a job-role specific kit to the candidates. In addition to any job-role specific items, it is mandatory that all kits have the following items:

  1. 01 Standard BSDM T-shirt/Jacket and
  2. 01 Standard BSDM Cap
  3. Job Role Related Reference Material

Trainee Handbooks/ Content and Quality of Training:

  • PIA will be entirely responsible for availability of trainee hand books to all the candidates. PIAs to give 1st preference to the concern SSCs trainee handbooks.
  • Courses for which the SSCs books not available PIA may provide self-developed course content in accordance to the corresponding SSCs prescribed qualification pack (and aligned with the respective NOSs).

Note- The costs for the same shall be borne by the PIA. Also in case the funding department has a provision of separately providing toolkit for a specific job-role then the PIA has to provide the suggested toolkit (in addition to the above mentioned Job role specific kit) at the end of the training to the successful trainees, the cost of which will be reimbursed by the funding department. However the PIAs have to get the approval of the component/s and quality of the tool kit from the funding department/s prior commencement of training. 

Certificate and Mark sheet Distribution:

  • PIAs shall conduct a Certificate and Mark sheet Distribution Ceremony for Candidates. PIA to ensure the presence of each candidate. Candidates to wear the standard BSDM T-shirt/Jacket (having BSDM and Funding Department Logo) for the Certification & Mark sheet Distribution Ceremony.
  • High resolution pictures and videography are to be taken of the Certificate and Mark sheet Distribution Ceremony including batch-wise photos of candidates. PIAs are to submit images and videos to BSDM/funding department in form of a CD/DVD with invoice printout.

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