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Probable Funding Entities:
  • Fund from Building and Other Construction workers Welfare Board of Govt. of Bihar (BOCW) for Construction sector.
  • RPL Fund of NULM.
  • BSDM fund
  • Fund from interested Departments of Government of Bihar, which plans to take up the RPL Scheme and /or their undertakings/corporations/societies/ Boards or any such agencies controlled by such department/s.
Pay-out rates for RPL with Bridge Course

For Initial Orientation of 12 hours, the following are the rates:

  • For Type 1 RPL: 1600/- per candidate
  • For Type 2 RPL: 1400/- per candidate
  • For Type 3 RPL: 1600/- per candidate

For Bridge course: As per the BSDM Process and Cost Norms (for upto 68 Hours). Current Rates are-

Cost Category 1- INR 48.50/- Per Candidate Per Course Per Hour

Cost Category 2- INR 41.50/- Per Candidate Per Course Per Hour

Cost Category 3- INR 34.60/- Per Candidate Per Course Per Hour

These rates are governed by rates of Common Norms, Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Government of India. (To be amended time to time). Rate revision will be communicated by BSDM as and when required.

Note: Above pay-outs will be made for certified candidates only.

BSDM Portal Usage Fee:

A per candidate portal usage fee (against using the portal for monitoring and evaluation of the training) of INR 0.50 per candidate per hour will be deducted by Funding Department from the payable to the PIAs and the Portal Usage Fee is to be paid to BSDM using online payment facility available at BSDM Portal or other mode of payment. The rates of portal usage fee may be revised by BSDM as and when required.

-out for Assessment and Certification in RPL with Bridge Course:

  • Training cost (Orientation + Bridge Course) will be paid for certified candidates only.
  • The Assessment and Certification cost will be borne by PIA and reimbursed by Funding department/s to the PIAs.
  • Funding Department will ensure that payment has been made to respective SSCs for Assessment & Certification and only then Payment to PIAs will be released.
  • SSCs will charge PIA on the basis of number of candidates appeared for assessment rather than batch uploaded (with a minimum guarantee of 20 candidates per batch available for assessment).
  • Funding Department will pay to PIAs only after they submit the proof of assessment fee paid to concerned SSCs.
  • BSDM may also put penalty provision for any delay and will chalk out timeline for payment of assessment fees by PIAs to concerned SSCs.

-out for Training -Release of Funds:

Payouts will be directly transferred to the PIA’s bank account or through any other payment modes as per funding department policy. Payment will be released only on successful completion of the following milestones-


% of Total Cost Per Candidate

Output Parameters



On Successful Certification of Candidate



On Successful Submission of Evidence Based Proofs of Certificate Distribution Ceremony (Batch-wise Photos of Candidates with Certificates & Video of Certificate Distribution Ceremony



On achievement of 80% enrolment against the total target under which the batch has been formed.


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