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  • Empanelment of centers based on transparent infrastructure norms through web portal.
  • Industry Relevant and market driven SSC courses along with courses deemed relevant and important from the State’s perspective.
  • A blend of Instructor led and E-Learning mode shall be used for training delivery.
  • Training of Trainers (ToT) followed by certification will be carried out to get quality trainers and maintain uniformity across centres. It would be prime responsibility of the Skill Development Centre (SDC) to ensure that each trainer deployed by it undergoes the ToT and the cost for same shall be borne by the respective SDC operator. Only the certified trainers coming out of these ToTs will be eligible for imparting training.
  • Biometric based attendance monitoring.
  • Refundable security deposit to be charged from the candidates to increase the candidate’s stake in the ecosystem and thereby increase candidate retention.
  • Provision of stipend only to certain severely disadvantaged groups.
  • Provision of post placement support to candidates from special areas and special groups.
  • Provision of placement incentive to SDCs that perform well on the placement mandate count.
  • Portal based implementation and monitoring.
  • Robust (IT enabled) and exhaustive Assessment & certification, monitoring & evaluation and placement facilitation ecosystems.

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