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Important Instructions for Applicant Organization (AO)

  • No organization / center would be able to run any skill development programme including the centrally sponsored programmes run through any department of the State Government, on or after 01.01.2017, if they do not get registered on the BSDM portal through this process.
  • All centers / organizations, even if empanelled by any State government department for running any course under state funded / centrally sponsored scheme, have to get themselves registered on the BSDM portal through the process given here latest by 01.01.2017.
  • Applicant Organization (AO) should read all instructions and process details before application process.
  • BSDM reserves the right of granting and/or rejecting authorization to any applicant/s, without assigning any reason/s whatsoever to anyone.
  • Authorization as SDC for Domain skilling shall be given subject to completion of all the prescribed procedural formalities and submission of all the requisite documents.
  • At the time of application, the AO has to deposit INR 500 per centre as processing fee, INR 3000 per centre as centre registration fee and INR 1000 as course affiliation fee for each course that the AO applies for. If the AO wants to withdraw its application after the process has started or its application is rejected because of non-fulfilment of the required norms then the centre registration fee and the course affiliation fee shall be refunded. The refund shall be processed latest by the end of June 2017 for the applications received in FY 2016-17. The refund shall be processed electronically.
  • BSDM shall not be liable to refund the processing fee even if the application for registration gets rejected or the applicant withdraws the application.
  • BSDM shall not be liable to refund the annual registration fee and course affiliation fee once the centre is authorized as SDC and the centre code is generated if the applicant wants to withdraw the application subsequently or is de-empaneled by the BSDM by following the due process.
  • By using this process, Applicant Organizations (AO) can apply for a maximum of 10 Domain skilling courses for one centre.
  • If SDC is involved in doing any wrong practice regarding domain skilling then their authorization will get cancelled / terminated after the completion of ongoing batch.
  • If any Applicant Organization (AO) will try to contact BSDM officials by email, letter, telephone, etc. to influence the registration process then application of Applicant Organization (AO) will be rejected without giving any reason.
  • If any Applicant Organization (AO) will not complete process within schedule then BSDM will not consider their application for further process.
  • That Applicant Organization (AO) which will become SDC for the year 2016 - Their authorization will be valid for the period from date of registration approval to 31st March 2018.
  • Eligible SDC has to apply for renewal for the FY 2018-19 by paying requisite fees.
  • Any two AOs will not be allowed to share centre personnel.

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