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KYP Course 1: English and Hindi Communication Skills (80 hrs)

This Course offers communication and language skills that include:

  • Speaking, Listening, Understanding, Reading and Writing in English and Hindi
  • Vocabulary, Sentence construction, Grammar, Pronunciation, Quality of communication (Fluency, Emphasis, Pace, Clarity, etc.), Voice (Intonation, Pitch, Modulation, etc.)
  • Non Verbal Communication

Following are the modules in this course:

  • Home, Surroundings and Routine
  • Greetings
  • Friends, Family and Relatives
  • Food
  • Health and hygiene
  • Telling time and Giving directions
  • News
  • Making enquiries
  • Communicating at common public places
  • Helping and offering services
  • Getting Ready for Work
  • Telephonic conversation
  • Sharing thoughts with others
  • Using references like dictionary and thesaurus
  • Communication in cyber world
  • Interview techniques
  • Meetings at workplace
  • Workplace ethics
  • Customer Service
  • Safety

KYP Course 2: IT Literacy Skills (120 hrs, Hindi and English Medium)

This Course offers Information Technology (IT) Awareness, Literacy, Functionality and Smart Use of following IT Tools:

  • Windows 7
  • Internet browsers
  • MS Word 2013
  • MS Excel 2013
  • MS PowerPoint 2013
  • MS Access 2013
  • MS Outlook 2013
  • Google Apps
  • Open Office Writer
  • Open Office Calc
  • Open Office Impress

The Syllabus is mapped to major international standards like CCCS, NETS, NDLS, MS, etc.

Following are the modules in this course:

  • Operating System
    • Basic Operations
    • Personalize Desktop
    • File and Folder Management
    • Using Accessories
    • Using Technology
    • Language Setting
    • Troubleshooting of Computer
  • Internet
    • Basic Operations
    • Exercise Digital Access
    • Use eCommerce
    • Employ Digital Communication
    • Apply Digital Etiquette
    • Cyber Security
    • Computer Ergonomics
    • Online Collaboration
    • Physically Handicapped
    • Analyzing Digital Data
    • Building and Designing a Dashboard
  • Word Processing
    • Basic Operations
    • Creating, Editing and formatting Outputs
    • Enhancing Outputs
    • Page Setup
    • Linking and Embedding
    • Previewing and Printing
    • Advanced Word Processing
  • Spreadsheet
    • Creating , Organizing and Formatting Worksheets
    • Data Analysis and Management
    • Using Formulas and Functions
    • Resolving Errors
    • Printing Worksheets
    • Advanced Spreadsheet
  • Presentation Graphics
    • Creating Presentation
    • Designing and Enhancing Presentation
    • Delivering Presentation
    • Advanced Presentation Graphics
  • Database Management System
    • Basic Operations
    • Working with objects
    • Database Security
  • Personal Information Manager
    • Configuration
    • Basic Operations

KYP Course 3: Soft Skills and Life Skills for Workplace Readiness (40 hrs, Hindi and English Medium)

This Course offers Soft Skills and Life Skills required for:

  • Being sensitive towards self, others and nature
  • Understanding and managing self for raising personal competence
  • Understanding others and maintaining sound interpersonal relations through responsible communication
  • Achieving an enriched personal, professional and social life

Following are the modules in this course:

  • Self-Awareness and Self-Management
    • Understanding self, Being sensitive towards self, others, society and nature, Being Assertive, Identifying strengths and weaknesses for raising personal competence
  • Interpersonal Skills
    • Being sensitive towards others, Understanding others, Managing workplace relations and teams
  • Presentation Skills
    • Presenting self, ideas and work with confidence and quality
  • Time management
    • Schedules and plans, respecting value of time – self and others
  • Goal Setting and Decision making
    • Personal goal setting, Taking Initiative, Making appropriate decisions
  • Being Flexible
    • Adapt to change & challenges with positive attitude
  • Workplace Ethics
    • Responsible and ethical behaviour at workplace, Respecting diversity (cultural, gender)
  • Conflict Management
    • Analyzing and Resolving conflicts, Convincing, Compromising, Seeking cooperation and collaboration
  • Positive Health (Stress Management)
    • Maintaining a balanced personal, professional and social life, Managing stress
  • Customer Relationship Management

Value and practice service attitude, Being sensitive towards customer and serving with empathy

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