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Learning Facilitator Empanelment for KYP Course - Result:

Dear KYP SDC, Please find the LF Empanelment OnCeT Exam Result for online exam scheduled on 19th January 2019 for your reference.  You can contact the candidate of your respective district, arrange the Face to Face Interview & Selection and if found as per your requirement then you can select them as Learning Facilitator at your KYP SDC.

After successful completion of Selection Process and if found as per your requirement then mail the candidate details like Name of Candidate, KYP Learner Code, Gender, Username, Mobile No., District, Education Qualification, KYP SDC Code, Photo of candidate during Interview, Passport Size Photo (Scan Image) of Candidate and Scan Copy of offer Letter to with Subject: Selected Candidate Details: KYP01010000

Selected Candidate details once received on mail id then it will get added in Solar Login HR Details, in ERA for WelCome Course Learning and Classroom & Lab Room Activity at earliest.

Selection Process Details and Terms & Condition for both Candidate and KYP SDC:

Stage 2: Face to Face Interview & Selection:

  1. Based on the Preference & Shortlisting by SDC candidate will be scheduled for face to face interview.
  2. After the interview SDC will select the candidate & provide the offer letter.
  3. Selected candidate will be marked as in the system & will not be available for other SDCs.
  4. If the candidate got rejected, S/he will be available to the next SDCs as per the candidate preference.
  5. Selected candidate data will be transferred to SDCs SOLAR login under HR details.

Terms & Conditions:

This is only a ‘Resource Pool Creation’ initiative and does not directly/indirectly imply ‘Selection & Recruitment’ process of any kind.

BSDM will only create an ePlatform for the applicant to connect to BSDM’s Skill Development Center who require competent Learning Facilitators.

Selection/non-selection of any/all applicant shall be at the sole discretion of the SDC. Employment of any kind (part-time/full-time) and terms of employment at the SDC will be mutually agreed by the concerned SDC & the Applicant.

Under no circumstances, BSDM will be responsible directly/indirectly to the applicant/SDC/any third party if the applicant is not selected or employed by any SDC.

BSDM does not guarantee any kind of employment/terms of employment (including remuneration and tenure) to any applicant.

All the SDCs are independent entities and are not BSDM’s exclusive Franchisees.

BSDM is not involved in deciding the selection process in each SDC.

Applicant if employed in any of the SDCs will become employees of the concerned SDC only and BSDM will not in any manner be directly/indirectly responsible for such employment.

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