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Course Details

  • Course Id : HSS/Q2301
  • Candidate Eligibility : Class XII
  • No. Of NOS (If QP): 33
  • NSQF Level : 4
  • Cost Category : 1
  • Course Duration
    • Theory duration :100
    • Practical duration : 260
    • Entrpreneurship & Softskills : 40
    • Total Course Duration : 400

Trainer Qualification Work Experience

Trainer Qualification Work Experience
Medical graduates with additional qualification in Emergency Medicine / Emergency Medical Services and having completed instructor certification in Basic Life Support, Advance Cardiovascular Life Support, Pediatric Advance Life Support and International Trauma Life Support with experience in teaching EMT course. • Specialist Medical teachers will be permitted to teach special topics. Topics related to Ambulance operations and managements shall be taught by expert faculty from that field. • Level 4 certified Emergency Medical Technician-B with minimum 5 years of experience or Level 5 certified Emergency Medical Technician-A with minimum 3 years of experience. Certified for Job Role “Emergency Medical Technician-Basic” mapped to QP “HSS/Q2301”with scoring of minimum 85%. Recommended that the Trainer is certified for the Job Role “Trainer” mapped to the Qualification Pack “SSC/Q1402” with scoring of minimum 90%. - Experience in teaching Emergency Medical Technician course for medical graduates HSS/Q2301 - 5 years of experience for Level 4 certified Emergency Medical Technician-Basic HSS/Q2301 and minimum 3 years of experience for Level 5 certified Emergency Medical Technician-Advance. HSS/Q2302

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