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All Domain SDCs will observe only following Holiday in 2023 Calendar year. Other than these days Domain Centers will remain operational.

Holiday on all Sunday.

Sr. No. Day Date Holiday
1. Thursday 26 January Republic Day
2. Thursday 26 January Sarasvati Puja (Basant Pancahmi)
3. Saturday 18 February Mahashivratri
4. Wednesday and Thursday 08-03-2023 and 09-03-2023 Holi
5. Wednesday 8 March Shab-e-Barat
6. Wednesday 22-Mar Bihar Diwas
7. Thursday 30-Mar Ramnawami
8. Friday 14-Apr Dr Ambedkar Jayanti
9. Saturday 22-Apr Idul Fitr *
10. Monday 1-May May Day
11. Thursday 29-Jun Idul Juha *
12. Saturday 29-Jul Moharam
13. Tuesday 15 August Independence Day
14. Wednesday 6-Sep Janmashtami
15. Wednesday 6-Sep Chehallum
16. Thursday 28-Sep Hazrat Muhammad Sabah ka Janamdin
17. Monday 2-Oct Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti/Saptami
18. Saturday 21-Oct Mahaashtami
19. Monday 23-Oct Mahanavmi
20. Tuesday 24-Oct Dussehra
21. Sunday 12-Nov Deewali
22. Wednesday 15-Nov Chitragupta Puja/Bhayiduj
23. Sunday 19-Nov Chhat Puja
24. Monday 20-Nov Chhat Puja
25. Monday 25 December Christmas Day

* BSDM shall inform the change in date in case of these festivals based on sighting of moon

BSDM may take strict action on SDC if any SDCs found non-operational on days other than above given holidays and Sundays.

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