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Course Details

  • Course Id : SSC/Q0110
  • Candidate Eligibility : 10th Standard
  • No. Of NOS (If QP): 3
  • NSQF Level : 4
  • Cost Category : 2
  • Course Duration
    • Theory duration :100
    • Practical duration : 300
    • Entrpreneurship & Softskills : 40
    • Total Course Duration : 440

Trainer Qualification Work Experience

Trainer Qualification Work Experience
Minimum Educational Qualification: Minimum 12th Standard; Preferred Master’s degree in any discipline Domain Certification: Minimum accepted score in SSC Assessment is 90% per NOS being taught in QP SSC/Q0110. Additional certification in customer orientation, dealing with difficult customers, written communication etc. will be an added advantage Platform Certification: Recommended that the Trainer is certified for the Job Role: “Trainer” mapped to the Qualification Pack: “SSC/Q1402”. Minimum accepted score is 70% per NOS. Field experience: Minimum 2 years’ experience in the same domain Training experience: 1 year preferred

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